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The United States, the nineteen seventies.

A generational off-the-grid cult believes Satan is returning to claim his throne. To ensure victory in an unholy war they believe is on the horizon, their leader has requested more recruits.

A runaway hippie named Velvet suddenly finds herself trapped alongside a peculiar group of strangers in a dilapidated house. She meets Frankee, an alcoholic man in drag, Nancy, a drug-addicted prostitute, and Ronald, a priest that happens to have a hobby in pedophilia. They have a choice to join the family or fight to survive one of the most brutal satanic cults in the annals of American history...The Inverts.

LSD-induced initiations filter for traits that can be used to the advantage of the cult. Recruits out of line quickly become a sacrifice and what ultimately becomes a battle to the death, leads to a new spawn of Satan.


Directed by Tristan Clay

Written by Destinie Orndoff and Tristan Clay

Produced by Deranged Minds Entertainment


Featuring Susan Lanier from Wes Craven's "The Hills Have Eyes" & Maria Olsen from "I Spit on Your Grave: Deju Vu." 



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