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Flick (NR)

Come see a live action play that’s set in a movie theater in an ACTUAL movie theater! This show combines a deep love of cinema with the ever-changing social conflicts that take place in a work environment. It’s a hilarious drama filled play about the lives of movie theater workers that you can enjoy while snacking on Esquire popcorn! Take a peek behind the curtain and experience the Esquire from a different perspective. The audience will be seated with their backs to the screen while watching the performance take place in the auditorium seats.

Synopsis: The Flick” a Pulitzer award winning play by Annie Baker follows three employees at a semi-run-down movie theater in Massachusetts. To an outsider’s eye, their days consist of mundane tasks like sweeping, mopping, selling tickets, and running the projector. However, Baker gives the audience a surprising look into the true lives of these employees. Filled with gossip, arguments, lust, and plenty of popcorn.

Rose-a young attention-seeking rebel and Sam- a thirty-something living at home meet Avery for the first time. He’s a young movie fanatic, new to the job and entirely introverted. These three unlikely friends are faced with big life questions and big life decisions.

The Flick reminds us all what it means to be the odd one out, and fortunately there’s always someone a little odder than you, waiting to be your friend, whether you are ready or not.

Time Out New York said “Four stars! A hypnotic, heartbreaking, micro-epic about movies and moving on. Irreducibly theatrical.”

Showtimes for
Thursday, July 25



Horror , Comedy
1 hr. 32 min.
Opens July 26th, 2019




David Howard



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