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You Can Be BRAVE

Part of our Women Behind Television and Film ( the WBTF Festival) presented by the Cincinnati Film Society.

You Can be BRAVE Directed Dr. Jennifer Camota Luebke & Jaime Espiritu


A feature documentary about one mother’s 15-year journey boldly fighting for her son, who has an intellectual and developmental disability, to be included in all areas of society. You will see how her perspective on disability evolved, and how she is continuing to break barriers to (dis)ABILITY inclusion. You will understand what we as a community can do to take informed, intentional action to include people of all abilities.

The feature will begin with the short REFILL, directed by Carese Bartlett.

The WBTF Festival believes that media in our society can be reshaped to have a stronger positive impact if we empower more women to work in the medium, take part in ownership of the industry, and educate the consumer on these issues. Women Behind Television & Film provides a platform for women directors, producers, and writers to share their works.

For more information on the WBTF Festival, please visit:

Showtimes for
Monday, April 29



1 hr. 16 min.
Opens April 29th, 2019


Jennifer Camota Luebke


Jennifer Camota Luebke


Antonio Emmanuel Contretas
Brian Shawn
Jennifer Camota Luebke

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