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A VIP ticket is a pre-paid admission that will get you into any movie at the Esquire, Mariemont or Kenwood Theatres. However, the $3 up charge for 3D films will still apply. The VIP ticket is not valid for special events and movies presented by outside organizations. Use of the VIP ticket is subject to seating availability.


Esquire, Mariemont and Kenwood Theatre Gift Cards are available for purchase directly at the box office at any of our theatres, or by mail, see mail order instructions below. A minimum denomination of $10.00 is required for each gift card.  A gift card purchased at the Esquire, Mariemont or Kenwood Theatre is valid at all three locations.  Receive 4 free movie passes by purchasing $150 or more in gift cards in one transaction.

Allow 7-10 business days for receipt of gift card(s), unless you opt to pay additional, expedited delivery fees.

Please mail to this address and include items listed below:

Esquire Theatre
320 Ludlow Ave
Cincinnati, Ohio 45220

1. Your check, payable to the Esquire Theatre for the total amount of Gift Cards you wish to purchase.

2. Instructions on the number of Gift Cards you would like to purchase, the amount of each gift card, in a denomination of at least $10.00, and where you would like the card(s) to be mailed.

3. Your contact information in case we have any questions.